Thursday, August 14th

21:00 Concert with Deva Premal, Miten and Manose

Please be in Buddha Hall around 20:45 or before 20.15 if you need to buy tickets.

Shuttle service to Buddha Hall:

19:45 stops at Mon Amour, Arillas beach pier, Vassilis supermarket, The Little Shop, brewery (20 m further up from the sunset bar) 

23:20 Buddha Hall to beach


Saturday, August 16th


19:00 Evening meeting with live music,

after the meeting there will be soup and salad

Shuttle service to Buddha Hall:

18:20 to Buddha Hall stops at Arillas beach pier, Vassilis supermarket, brewery (20m further up from sunset bar)

22:30 Buddha Hall to Beach.

21:00 Satori Cafe open mic with Shivananda and Mae, you are welcome to participate 

45 minutes after the Evening Meeting: Gurdjieff sacred movements with Pramada and Vasanti.  


The Sacred Dances are a great technique: we use the body and its movements to help us stay centered in the moment. This is the key to begin the exploration of the within. You will find inside silence, life, playfulness, wonder, joy, strength… Facilitators: Vasanti and Pramada (693 626 7730 or email pramada@mail.ru) www.gurdjieffmovements.eu

Rainer Scheurenbrand


Sunday August 17th

Music Meditation Nights: 

August 18th & 19th

For more info, please contact our Office


Rainer is a classical guitar maestro from Germany, who has studied with medicine men and women in North and South America for the past 12 years. He has also studied with Brazilian Shaman and musician, Carioca. From these experiences Rainer has developed his own unique style of music as a gateway to healing and spiritual growth. His music is influenced by classical, Celtic folk, Indian and various styles of Brazilian music