Every Saturday at 19:00: Evening Meeting

Daily Kundalini Meditation:
From Monday, 31 March at 17:00 till Saturday 19 April.
If there are enough people to take on the task we might keep doing it for a while.

Greetings beloved friends!

After a quiet and peaceful winter, the summer retreat season is upon us once again at the Corfu Buddha Hall. We (like everyone else on the island) are busy painting, pruning and planning for the busy season ahead. The flowers are blossoming, the birds are chirping and a gentle north wind is adding sand to our already pristine beaches.

The promise of another summer in paradise is exciting us all!
There is also a pleasant feeling of growth and expansion as more and more Seekers are calling sunny Corfu home. 

At the Buddha Hall our schedule has expanded to include a handful of new groups coming here for the first time, in addition to almost all of last year’s groups coming back.

We are also pleased to announce some physical changes to the Buddha Hall premises. Last year we finished construction on the new roof over the lower dining hall, and this year we have collectively decided to turn this large and lovely space into a cozy café and bar, offering good coffees, smoothies, snacks and more. We want to call it "Satori Café". It will also be used as a multipurpose space for gatherings, talks, demos, discos and more. 

Lastly, and a dream come true for many of us here in the community, we are happy to announce that this July we will be hosting our first Osho Summer Festival - four days of meditation, music, healing and celebration.

Please feel free to look over our program schedule to see if one of our events is right for you, or simply come and join us in this magical paradise for some meditation, relaxation and meeting with new and old friends.

Please note: there will be Gurdjieff Movements classes throughout the season and longer events in June and August! Enneagram work in June!

We look forward to welcoming you here!

With love and gratitude from the Buddha Hall Team